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Software for tickets

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

What should a ticketing software do?

An event ticketing software must provide at least 5 essential functions..

You should be able to create an event from scratch with an emphasis on simplicity, performance, and scalability. A good app should provide event organizers with real-time ticket sales and registration data with the ability to easily scan tickets. All these ticketing needs on any mobile device.


That you can easily create your events on the event management platform. Add rich media, social integrations and much more to make your event stand out. Brand your pages and overall shopping experience to match your organization.


Whether your organization sells 200 or 20,000 tickets, SEO best practices are essential when positioning your event on social media, as well as on different search engines. Take advantage of integrations with popular apps like Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more to automate your workflows and promotions. Have the option of using email marketing to amplify your events.


Native attendee data and analytics integrations should be able to help you make informed decisions about marketing your event. Unique charts and reports give you the means to target and engage potential buyers more effectively.


A reporting dashboard should include a comprehensive report for every aspect of your online ticketing. You must provide us with transaction reports, accounting, promotion codes and more. So we can dig deeper into the demographic information of the ticket buyer and discover their main influencers. Filter, sort and export all available data.


You must have a web, iOS or Android application where you should be able to access all the necessary information, as well as manage all the resources mentioned here, scan QR codes, give special permissions to your collaborators, offer discounts, and manage fast and timely manner as needed for your event. Also with an APP you can offer your attendees a direct interaction with your event, to be aware of new information or simply additional details that you require.

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